Lord Shen is the primary antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2.

He has come a long way from the sickly albino peacock whose parents deemed him too weak and pitiful to deserve attention. Vowing to accomplish something so great that the world would never ignore him again, Shen relentlessly pursued his lust for power. Through his devious cleverness and the sheer force of his will, he has (after many years) created the most devastating weapon the world has ever known. Now, on the verge of his greatest triumph, he is about to find out that something stands in his way — something he thought he dealt with twenty years ago.

Animal Species: Peacock

Kung Fu Style: Even though Lord Shen is a skilled kung fu fighter, he is more likely to use his cunning or his cannons than his physical prowess. His Funnel Cloud Attack and Feather Attack are daunting and deadly. Lord Shen also has a lethal-looking metal talon.