The infamous snow leopard Tai Lung is taken in by Master Shifu as a baby, treated like a son and trained by Shifu for most of his young life. Tai Lung grows up to be extremely strong, fast and clever in his fighting style. In fact, he believes himself to be the greatest fighter alive. Many others agree with him. But it’s Tai Lung’s ego that gets the best of him when he’s denied the Dragon Scroll due to the darkness Master Oogway sees in his heart.

Tai Lung is enraged by this decision and goes on a vicious rampage through the Valley of Peace. Oogway stops him after Shifu cannot and Tai Lung is then banished to Chorh-Gom Prison, where he spends 20 bitter years waiting to take his revenge. After Tai Lung’s escape from the prison, he returns to the Valley of Peace looking for the Dragon Scroll. He hurts Shifu badly in this effort but he’s ultimately defeated by the Dragon Warrior, Po.